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a brief history of electric girl

In the Beginning...there was Blammo!
It all started back in college when my roommates and I kept a comic book diary of the annoyances that come with sharing a house with three others.

One day, I was doodling some sort of dog face in the comic book. I must have become engrossed in something other than the drawing, because I never finished it (a common occurrence). Several days later, roommate X finished it for me (another common occurrence). The cartoon lampooned our aborted effort to bring a puppy into the house. Blammo was born!

Several years later I was desperate for an idea for cheap and quick Christmas gifts. (I'm lots of fun during the holidays) Printing t-shirts seemed to be a good idea for an aspiring cartoonist. After struggling with many lame ideas, I remembered those Blammo drawings from college.

Everybody loved the t-shirts! I'm certain that they can still be found in rag drawers of a select number of households nation wide!

Enter Oogleeoog!
Several years later (1990) and I am still working a 9 to 5 job at a large company. I had been there for over five years and decided to make a break for it and live the life of a full time cartoonist! Well, sort of...

I felt that a comic strip would be a natural thing for me, since I drew cartoons and was considered to be a funny guy by some friends of mine. Besides, I figured, how tough could this be?

I based the strip on a gremlin-type character that I named Oogleeoog. Over the next months, I generated over 80 strips based around this Oogleeoog thing (I couldn't decide what he was!) and his supporting cast.

I eagerly packed the best of the second batch (I never get it right the first time!) and sent them off to every syndicate that I could find

Needless to say, my submission to the syndicates was soundly rejected! I've since taken it as a sign Oogleeoog was never meant to be in a comic strip. Besides, he's too tall to fit into those tiny panels!

From the Ashes
Onto to 1994. I'm back in the Boston area and working with several friends at our own company. Despite the success (and long hours) of co-owning a business, I still had that urge to draw cartoons.

I was getting back into comic books. I had left them behind, for the most part, in college. In particular, I was now reading more of the "alternative" comics than anything else. So I thought that maybe I could do this. I still had the Oogleeoog character collecting dust in the back of my mind, as well as Blammo.

But, I felt that I needed something else. I kept on coming back to a character from my comic strip, a high-school girl named Virginia. I had established the antagonistic friendship between her and Oogleeoog in the strip, so it seemed like a good starting point.

But, not sure of my abilities to keep this idea interesting, I wanted a "gimmick" that would keep me from allowing idea from becoming too mundane. Something silly, something that for the most part would be irrelevant to the characters, but funny enough to help steer the stories.

Electric Girl! It sounded silly enough to me, at least. I decided that Virginia would have the "amazing ability" to conduct electricity through her body. Not enough to really do anything, but just enough to keep things interesting.

So, eight years ago, I began to create stories for the Electric Girl comic book. It's been a frustrating and humbling process as I've learned to make the jump from single panel illustrations to page by page storytelling (I don't consider my high school efforts to count). Most of the stories have ended up in the proverbial trash can, but the ones are actually printed in the first issue had enough in them that I felt it was time to publish!

I hope that you enjoy reading these stories as much as I do creating them.

-Mike Brennan

P.S. Thanks to former roomate X (a.k.a. Jon Claflin) for helping create Blammo many years ago. Also, thanks to Susan Seed for making the Electric Girl logo from my pathetic sketches.